Essembi's startup Program

Accelerate your startup's growth with Essembi.

Essembi is the perfect tool for startup software companies to rapidly build a product and then get feedback from the market to help early stage growth.

Our startup program makes the journey for startups easy and affordable to help you get your product and company off the ground.

Essembi gantt chart, epic and initiative planning, milestones, release management
Essembi product roadmap, sprint plan with release milestones and development backlog including epics
Essembi agile backlog: user stories and defects, sprint planning and velocity tracking
Innovate Rapidly

Powerful tools to accelerate your innovation cycle.

Essembi helps you organize product feedback from your early users, priorize the product roadmap and rapidly deliver new iterations of your product. All in one system.

We call this cycle the software innovation cycle and, from experience, we think the speed of this cycle is critical for startup success.

The Software Innovation Cycle

Software Innovation Cycle in Essembi
Collect Product Feedback

Product feedback and ideas are collected from multiple sources: customers, prospects, competitors and internal teams.

Optimize Your Roadmap

Prioritize ideas based on expected product, customer and market impact. Then, build your roadmap and release plan accordingly.

Enhance Your Product

Rapidly develop and rollout product enhancements. Complete quality testing of the release. Deploy product updates. And repeat.

Innovate 13 Times Faster

The compounding returns of accelerating your software innovation cycle.

Essembi accelerates your software innovation cycle to help you become the dominant leader in your market.

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Grow with Essembi

Start simple. Easily add features as your startup grows.

Start simple. Easily add features as your startup grows.

Prioritize roadmap initiatives from various sources of ideation based on overall business impact. Track epics and stories that result from roadmap initiatives. Learn More

Teams who will use Essembi

One hub. For your entire software team.

Essembi enables all the teams in your software organization to innovate together to build great products.

  • Product Team

    Provide your product leaders with the strategic tools they need to holistically manage the product roadmap, the team and the budget, all in one platform.

    Learn More 
  • Development Team

    Give development leaders the tools they need to successfully manage your agile workflows and sprint teams. Give developers a simple platform for daily success.

    Learn More 
  • Quality Team

    Build a proactive quality process that becomes a driver of quality and speed rather than a scapegoat and an anchor for your organization.

    Learn More 
  • Customer Support Team

    Empower your support team with access to real-time data on where tickets are in the workflow so that they can provide outstanding customer support.

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  • Documentation Team

    Make the documentation team part of your standard workflow so that you can maintain your help platform and produce high-quality release notes.

    Learn More 
  • Marketing Team

    Give the marketing team the product and feature insights they need to produce engaging product updates for your customers and prospects.

    Learn More 
Endlessly Customizable

Fit the system to your unique business needs.

Essembi gives your team powerful customization tools so the system evolves to fit your unique processes and needs.

Most systems just give you the ability to add custom fields to existing tables. Essembi takes this to another level giving you the ability to build your own tables, helping you craft a solution for even the most unique business workflows. Learn More

How it Works

Easy to apply, build and grow.

Apply to be part of our startup program today to unlock discounts on Essembi to help your startup launch and grow.

Under 5 Users

Free to start and begin building your MVP

50% off
First Year Subscription

Once you hit 6+ users in your growth journey

25% off
Second Year Subscription

Continue growing and adding users at a discount


What companies are eligible for the program?

Companies must meet all of following criteria to be eligible for the Essembi startup program.

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Early Stage

Up to $1M in funding and less than 3 years old

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Small Team

Companies with under 25 employees

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New Customer

Not currently a customer of Essembi

What if there was a better way?

One system. All the features to power your entire software lifecycle.

Ditch your legacy tools. Essembi can handle all the unique needs of your business to help you accelerate your software innovation cycle.

Essembi Development Trackers Product Management Customer Experience Productivity Tools
Objectives & Key Results
Customer Feedback
Issue Tracking Dev Only Support Only
Product Roadmap
User Stories
Agile Workflow
CSAT & NPS Tracking
Sales Enablement
Go-To-Market Plan
Competitor Tracking

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