What is Essembi?

Essembi is the software innovation hub that helps software companies accelerate their innovation cycle to be the dominant leader in their market.

What the heck is a software innovation hub? It is a platform designed specifically for software companies to accelerate the process of collecting product feedback, optimizing the product roadmap and enhancing the product.

Essembi is a software innovation hub that delivers the following key features all in one system to help software companies accelerate their innovation cycle and be the dominant leader in their market:

  • Capture product feedback
  • Build user stories and epics
  • Update the product roadmap
  • Build, test, release
  • Repeat, fast
The Software Innovation Cycle - Speed Yours Up with Essembi
Capture Product Feedback

Capture product feedback from customers, prospects, team members and even competitors.

Feedback is king in the software world. At the end of the day your customers and the market know what they want best.

Go directly to the source, solicit feedback and easily capture that feedback from all key channels directly in Essembi:

  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Team members
  • Competitors
Build User Stories and Epics

Transform feedback on your software into actionable user stories and epics.

After capturing feedback, your product team needs the right tools to aggregate, prioritize and categorize the feedback and put together action plans for to incorporate the feedback into your product.

Essembi gives product teams the ability to transform feedback into actionable epics and user stories.

Update Product Roadmap

Re-prioritize the product roadmap based on real-time feedback.

You need to make sure your team is working on the right things that are going to be the biggest needle movers for your business.

Essembi gives you the tools to easily re-jigger the product roadmap based on real-time product feedback.

  • Visualize the product roadmap using boards
  • Easily view and manage priorities with color-coded cards
  • Move cards around based on new feedback and changing priorities
Build, Test, Release

Rapidly iterate with agile workflows and sprints to get your product to market, faster.

Once you have prioritized your roadmap you must have the team and processes in place to quickly build, test and release new features.

Essembi gives you the ability to build and customize powerful yet simple agile workflows to manage this process.


Repeat the entire software innovation cycle. The faster your cycle, the better chance you have of dominating your market.

In today's fast-paced software landscape, the speed of your software innovation landscape helps determines the winners and losers in a market.

Which one are you going to be?

Free forever up to 5 users.

Perfect for start-ups, small teams or simply trying out Essembi.

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