Easily Switch to Essembi

Powerful data conversion tools to help you extract, transform and load data from legacy systems into Essembi.

Essembi gives you a powerful yet simple toolkit to migrate data from your legacy systems into Essembi.

  • Extract data from legacy systems.
  • Cleanse and transform data.
  • Load data into Essembi.
Convert both master and transactional data records with flexible tools and get started with Essembi.

Or simply start fresh...

Sync data between legacy system and Essembi - the software innovation hub
Data Conversion Options

3 ways to get your data into Essembi.

Flexible options for you to sync data into Essembi once or create real-time data transfers between systems.

  • Import or Sync with REST APIs

    Load data directly into Essembi using REST APIs. Companies can choose to do this directly as a one time load or even sync data between Essembi and legacy systems for a period if necessary.

    API Library 
  • Load with Spreadsheets or CSV Files

    Essembi gives you the ability to import from a spreadsheet to any table within the platform. Extract the data from your legacy systems, cleanse the data and then import it into Essembi once ready.

    Import Tools 
  • Start Fresh

    Some companies choose to start with a completely empty system and manually enter master data records (customer names) and transactional data records (tickets, roadmap initiatives).

    Get Started 
What if there was a better way?

One system. All the features to power your entire software lifecycle.

Ditch your legacy tools. Essembi can handle all the unique needs of your business to help you accelerate your software innovation cycle.

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