Real-time business alerts

Setup alerts to keep you up to date on important projects, customers and tickets. Stay on top of things without having to constantly check in with team members or run reports in the system.

Easily customize and manage your own alerts.

Customize alerts across the application by selecting the alert option on any record in Essembi. Toggle the alert off at anytime.

Customizing alerts in Essembi

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Get alerts on important issues in your business.

View and manage your alerts directly from the Essembi home page.

Getting alerts on specific product, support and sales results in Essembi

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Access all your watched records from the menu.

Review your watched records directly from the menu for easy access.

Easily access all your watched records in Essembi for easy alert management

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Free forever up to 5 users.

Perfect for start-ups, small teams or simply trying out Essembi.