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We do not want to waste your time (or budget). Get a look at the key features of Essembi that can help your software team innovate faster.

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Objectives & Key Results

Set your high-level business objectives and track real-time progress in achieving these objectives.

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How objectives and key results will benefit your business.

Increased visibility. Give leadership a simple view of the health of the critical business objectives.
Link epics and tickets to OKRs. Create clear ties between tasks and objectives to maximize results.
Drill down to detail. Drill into see real-time status of initiatives, epics and tickets linked to an OKR.
Connect objectives to your team's work. Help team members understand the big picture.
Build accountability. Establish an owner of each objective and track progress to key results.
Manage risk and dependencies. Mitigate risks across the entire team to improve outcomes.
Product Roadmap

Make your product roadmap a strategic advantage.

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The most successful software companies react to customer and market feedback faster than their competitors.

Get the critical new features to market faster with the product roadmap tools available in Essembi.

Align roadmap to objectives. Set the initial roadmap based on company objectives.
Prioritize. Use the RICE method to evaluate and prioritize initiatives.
Stay agile. Re-prioritize and adjust the roadmap based on key market changes.
Build transparently. Communicate the product roadmap to all stakeholders.
Deliver better. Get the most critical new features done first and repeat this cycle.
Repeat, fast. Iterate fast based on customer and market feedback.

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