AI Tools in Essembi

Accelerate your software lifecycle with native AI tools.

Experience the future of software development with Essembi's advanced AI features. From seamless natural language reporting to automated customer response generation, our cutting-edge AI technology propels your teams towards peak performance, accelerating your software development process.

Natural Language Reporting

Build reports with powerful AI search function.

Gone are the days of building complex reports and waiting for an answer from another team member.

Ask Essembi a question or make a request and let the power of AI build a report for you.


Create your own AI prompt on any long text field.

Essembi allows you to set a custom AI prompt on any long text field in the system. Specify the style or tone you want the AI to utilize when generating an answer.

Also select what data you want to send to the AI engine to assist it in drafting the best possible answer.


Easily generate content using the AI engine.

Essembi enables you to simply click the "Populate" button to generate a draft for any long-text field in the system. Quickly get a strong draft based on the customized prompt and data from Essembi.

Some of our favorite AI use cases

Essembi enables to use the power of generative AI in virtually any area of the system. Here are some of our favorite uses of the powerful tool.

  • Build tests scripts for new features.

    Speed up your quality cycle by using Essembi's AI-powered test script generation feature based on details from a ticket including development changes and notes from the product management team.

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  • Create marketing material on new releases and features.

    Essembi's AI-powered marketing material generation feature makes it easy to create high-quality marketing content that resonates with your target audience - from blog posts to feature updates.

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  • Draft a progress update on a ticket for a customer.

    Deliver exceptional customer support by enabling Essembi's AI to draft email updates to your customers regarding progress on new features or specific defects.

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  • Write help system updates for new features.

    Utilize AI to create a high-quality draft of help system content to keep your product and help documentation in lock step as you move forward, faster.

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