Deliver your key business and customer initiatives using epics.

Epics allow your team to break-down roadmap initiatives into manageable chunks to help design, prioritize and deliver new features.

First Principles

What are epics?

Epics help in managing complex projects by breaking them down into manageable chunks. They provide a high-level view of project progress and allow teams to prioritize work effectively, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives.

Essembi gantt chart, epic and initiative planning, milestones, release management
Essembi product roadmap, sprint plan with release milestones and development backlog including epics
Essembi agile backlog: user stories and defects, sprint planning and velocity tracking
Epic Features

Essembi has all the features you need for managing epics and more.

Managing your product backlog using Essembi in an agile team

Link to OKRs
Align epics with business objectives and key results.

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Sprint planning for agile teams

Capture User Stories
Break epics into small user stories to build features users love.

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Use retrospectives to improve internal agile processes

Plan Using Tickets
Utilize tickets linked to epics to complete agile planning activities.

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Visualize work with scrum boards in Essembi

Incorporate into Roadmap
Link epics to roadmap initiatives to improve internal planning.

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Build custom agile workflows in Essembi

Status Tracking
Track the status of epics and linked tickets in real-time.

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Essembi's ticket audit trail

Use with Agile Frameworks
Use epics with agile frameworks for team coordination and alignment.

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Essembi's Special Sauce

One system. For all your teams.

Let all your software teams work together in a single platform in a pursuit to build better software, faster.

Typical Disjointed Solution

Software companies often resort to juggling multiple systems to manage their software lifecycle, inadvertently creating data silos that segregate product feedback across channels and limit the ability of the software team to optimize the roadmap and rapidly enhance the product.

Software Landscape at Typical Software Company

Essembi's Solution

When your product management, development, customer support, sales and marketing teams seamlessly collaborate on a single platform, everyone wins - your customers get features faster, your product grows faster and your business scales faster.

Simple Software Landscape with Essembi
Key Features

Manage your entire software innovation cycle in a single system.

Essembi is purpose built for software companies. Get all the features you need to manage your end-to-end software innovation cycle right out of the box.

Prioritize roadmap initiatives from various sources of ideation based on overall business impact. Track epics and stories that result from roadmap initiatives. Learn More

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