Powerful integrations.

Essembi connects to many of your favorite internal tools. Work efficiently and keep a single source of the truth with Essembi's native integrations.

Third party integrations and tools in Essembi Third party integrations and tools in Essembi
Featured Integration

Create tickets directly from Microsoft Teams chats.

Create ticket from chat thread. Create new Essembi ticket directly from chat thread.
Add meta data in Teams. Add ticket meta data such as category, severity and more from Teams.
Get summary card in Teams. A summary card of the record is automatically created in Teams.
Share summary card in thread. Share the summary card in the thread which contains a link to the Essembi record.
Share link to any record. Use the Essembi share button to share any record in Essembi with a Teams chat thread.
Simple setup. Easy to deploy for your users to begin using.

Essembi's Integration Library

Microsoft Teams Logo

Microsoft Teams

Create records in Essembi directly from a Teams chat. After saving the record in Teams, Teams will provide a summary that can be posted in the chat thread that includes the ticket number and a link to the record in Essembi.

Figma Logo


Create a record in Essembi directly from a Figma design. Tie any records in Essembi to a Figma design for easy future reference during building, testing or releasing.

Git Logo


Link commits in GitHub with work in Essembi. Creating these links makes it easy to reference why certain code changes were made in the future or for quality control purposes.

Slack Logo


Create new records in Essembi directly from a chat thread in Slack. Send a link and the record information from Essembi to the thread in Slack for easy reference.

Microsoft Excel Logo

Microsoft Excel

Import records to Essembi from a spreadsheet. Essembi will build the template for you. You build the data set and then simply import it to the appropriate da

Google Logo


Single-sign on security for easy user sign on and easy admin management of users.

Microsoft Logo


Single-sign on security for easy user sign on and easy admin management of users.

Zapier Logo


Connect any third-party system to Essembi using Zapier combined with Essembi's API library. This is great for applications that do not have integrations available out of the box yet.

API Library

Build your own integrations.

Essembi has a powerful, flexible API library so you can build your own connections to internal applications.

Free forever up to 5 users.

Perfect for start-ups, small teams or simply trying out Essembi.