Organization Management

Organization Administrator

The user that creates a new organization is automatically set to be the "Organization Administrator". The Organization Administrator has access to the "Organization Settings" option in the drop down under the user photo area.

Organization Settings

The organization settings are accessed via the user photo drop down menu. The settings control the following:

  • App Management: Create and manage apps used in Essembi.
  • Billing Management: Control how many licensed seats you have in Essembi, your payment methods, and other billing preferences.
  • User Management: Here you can deactivate users and manage which users are set to be organization administrators in your organziation.

Only Organization Administrators will have access to this area of the system.

User Authentication

Learn more about how users are managed and get authenticated (gain access to a particular organization in Essembi) in the user authentication security section.

Role-Based Security

Learn more about how role-based security is setup, managed and impacts user in the role-base security section.

Password Management

For more information on managing user passwords, see the team and user setup help section.

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