Release Management

Plan, track and deliver software releases.

Map out a plan for major and minor software releases. Track progress against the plan using real-time views and reports. Deliver better software, on time.

Make quality an integral part of the agile workflow.

Create agile processes that include quality as a key stakeholder with all teams in the software lifecycle using the same platform.

Quality as a part of the standard workflow in Essembi

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Plan major and minor releases.

Easily build a quality plan for each major and minor release with complete transparency to the product and development teams’ schedule.

Planning major and minor release in Essembi

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Mointor timelines.

Track actual progress on new releases so that you can adjust your schedule as needed.

Manage release timelines in Essembi

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Teams who will use Essembi

One hub. For your entire software team.

Essembi enables all the teams in your software organization to innovate together to build great products.

  • Product Team

    Provide your product leaders with the strategic tools they need to holistically manage the product roadmap, the team and the budget, all in one platform.

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  • Development Team

    Give development leaders the tools they need to successfully manage your agile workflows and sprint teams. Give developers a simple platform for daily success.

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  • Quality Team

    Build a proactive quality process that becomes a driver of quality and speed rather than a scapegoat and an anchor for your organization.

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  • Customer Support Team

    Empower your support team with access to real-time data on where tickets are in the workflow so that they can provide outstanding customer support.

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  • Documentation Team

    Make the documentation team part of your standard workflow so that you can maintain your help platform and produce high-quality release notes.

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  • Marketing Team

    Give the marketing team the product and feature insights they need to produce engaging product updates for your customers and prospects.

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