Gantt Views

Plan, execute, and track key projects with Gantt charts.

Customize and manage a Gantt chart to manage projects - from go-to-market plans for new releases to detailed plans for a new product launch.

  • Real-Time Progress Tracking

    With Essembi's Gantt charts, you can track project progress in real-time, helping you stay on top of deadlines and make informed decisions. Plus, with color-coded bars and easy-to-read visuals, you can quickly identify areas that need attention.

  • Customizable Views

    Essembi's Gantt charts offer a range of customizable views, so you can see your projects the way you want to. Whether you prefer a timeline view, a calendar view, or a task list view, our platform has you covered.

  • Resource Allocation

    Essembi's Gantt charts make it easy to allocate resources effectively, with features such as task assignments and workload balancing. With this tool, you can optimize your team's productivity and ensure that tasks are completed on time and within budget.

  • Dependency Management

    Essembi's Gantt charts allow you to easily visualize task dependencies, so you can track how changes to one task may affect the rest of the project. With this feature, you can proactively identify potential roadblocks and keep your project on track.

  • Team Collaboration

    Essembi's Gantt charts feature built-in collaboration tools, such as comments and notifications, to help your team stay on the same page and work more efficiently. With real-time updates and mobile access, you can easily communicate with your team and stay on top of your projects from anywhere.

  • Time Tracking

    Essembi's Gantt charts include time tracking features, allowing you to accurately record the time spent on each task. With this feature, you can improve billing accuracy, track project profitability, and ensure that your team's workload is balanced.

  • Kanban Boards

    Utilize Kanban board views to manage projects and tasks for your development process.

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  • Customizable Workflow

    Tailor workflows to match your team's unique business processes.

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  • Sprint Management

    Plan sprints and track real time progress as your team reaches milestones.

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