Board Views

Streamline work with boards.

Customize boards to fit your team's workflow. Easily interact with boards to complete or re-shuffle work.

Endlessly Customizable

How to build custom boards in 30 seconds.

Essembi gives you powerful customization tools that enable you to handle even the most unique business cases. Here is how to rapidly create a board to view to manage your work in just 30 seconds.

  • Product Roadmap

    Develop a dynamic visual for your product's strategic vision to share with stakeholders internally and externally.

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  • Scrum Board

    Manage your team or individual workload with efficiency and agility with scrum boards.

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  • Parking Lot

    Store promising ideas that are not currently on the development horizon and strategically add them to the roadmap.

Customizing other views in Essembi.

Create other visual data views such as gantt charts and reports to allow your teams and users to slice and dice data to fit their unique requirements.

Guide to Views in Essembi

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