Customize data entry forms.

Data entry should be simple. Essembi's team has started with that principle and developed powerful yet simple forms to help you easily get data into the system.

Customize Forms

Build custom forms to simplify data entry.

Tailor data entry form to fit the unique needs of each team or to match your unique business workflow. Organize data with collapsible sections

Native AI Options in Forms

Use generative AI to create a draft.

Generate a draft of any long-text field within the system. Customize your own prompt, select the Essembi data you want to provide the AI engine and then let the power of AI complete a draft of your task for you.

Advanced Formatting

Powerful long-text fields.

We understand what your team needs - an easy way to capture and format information in the system. Essembi's long-text data entry object gives you the power to add code mark up, images, lists and much more.

These options can help capture design specifications to system related issues to reduce rework and set each member of your team up for success.

Free forever up to 5 users.

Perfect for start-ups, small teams or simply trying out Essembi.