Entering Data into Essembi Just Got Faster, Again

Add Records Directly Through Sheets

Users can now add new records directly through the sheet. Select the "Create" button from the sheet and a new row will be created at the bottom of the sheet to enter data.

The create button also has a new split drop down that delivers two additional options directly on the sheet for users:

Edit data directly through sheets in Essembi.
  1. Create Record in Form: This launches the modal data entry form as the previous create button did from sheets.
  2. Import Data from Spreadsheet: Allows users to import data to the sheet's primary table. This is useful for businesses trying to load data from legacy systems, loading data during an acquisition or uploading a list of new feature requests from customers.

Record Indicators

As you add new records to sheets, the system will indicate with a button on the left side of the row the status of the record:

  • Asterisk: Indicates that a record is new in the sheet view.
  • Exclamation Point: Indicates that a record does not have the required data entered to finish saving. The more drop down on the left hand side of a row has an option to view the row's errors if they exist. Records with errors are saved but have their validation status set to failed.

Record Archiving

Essembi's active / inactive record concept has been modified to be active / archived. Records can now be archived through the more button from the sheet view.

New View Filtering Options

There are new filter options available:

  • Validation Status: Enables users to see records that have not passed all the required validations (e.g., field requirements or customized save logic).
  • Archived Status: Enables users to easily filter for records that are active, archived or both. 
  • Created Date / Time: Filters for records that were created at a specific time. Great for finding specific tickets that were created this week.
  • Created by User: Filters for records that were created by a specific user.

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