Essembi's single system software innovation hub for fast pace software teams
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Build better software, faster.

Essembi defies conventional software categories. So we had to create our own - the Software Innovation Hub.

  • One feature rich platform.
  • Powerful customization tools.
  • Delivered at a fraction of the cost.
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Essembi's single system software innovation hub for fast pace software teams
purpose built for software teams

Essembi is built for software teams that want to improve...

Set your business objectives for your software company in Essembi

Establish business objectives and track real-time progress to achieving these objectives.

Prioritize new features for your software product using product roadmaps in Essembi

Build product roadmaps and re-prioritize based on business and market changes.

Build agile workflows in Essembi

Dev Speed
Manage the entire development lifecycle using sprints and agile workflows.

Innovate using feedback tools in Essembi

Innovation Cycles
Capture ideas from the market and incorporate needle moving changes into the product.

Provide world class support using Essembi

Support Transparency
Track customers issues from initial report to completion to drive customer satisfaction.

Keep your business organized in a single system with Essembi

Team Collaboration
Organize key product data and processes into a single system to keep your teams in sync.

What if there was a better way?

One system. All the features to power your entire software lifecycle.

Ditch your legacy tools. Essembi can handle all the unique needs of your business to help you accelerate your software innovation cycle.

Essembi Development Trackers Product Management Support Management Productivity / Project Tools
Customer Feedback
Issue Tracking Dev Only Support Only
Product Roadmap
User Stories
Agile Workflow
CSAT / NPS Tracking
Sales Enablement
Go-To-Market Plan
Competitor Tracking
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Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

Easily track and manage the health of business objectives.

Essembi's single system approach gives you and your team complete visibility to the progress of your business objectives.

Increased visibility. Give leadership a simple view of the health of the critical business objectives.
Link epics and tickets to OKRs. Create clear ties between tasks and objectives to maximize results.
Drill down to detail. Drill into see real-time status of initiatives, epics and tickets linked to an OKR.
Connect objectives to your team's work. Help team members understand the big picture.
Build accountability. Establish an owner of each objective and track progress to key results.
Manage risk and dependencies. Mitigate risks across the entire team to improve outcomes.
Product Roadmap

Build prioritized product roadmaps.

Essembi gives product leaders the tools and visibility they need to efficiently build and manage the product roadmap based on real-time feedback.

  • Share the Roadmap

    Communicate your product vision by sharing roadmaps with leaders, teammates and customers.

  • Real-Time Progress Updates

    Keep the roadmap up to date based on real-time results and share key health updates with stakeholders.

  • Drill into Epics and Tickets

    Drill into all the elements inside a roadmap initiative - epics, user stories and tickets.


The collaboration tools for each team in your software lifecycle.


Use epics to design large scale projects. Break the epic into reasonable tasks with linked tickets and sprints.


User Stories

Craft and track compelling user stories, capturing not just what customers want, but why they need it.

User Stories


Keep your team on track and in sync with tickets. From tasks to bugs to user stories, effortlessly assign, prioritize, and track progress in real-time.

Managing tickets in Essembi

Agile Workflows

Manage your cross-functional workflow with Essembi's agile workflow configuration or customize your own flow to fit your team's unique process.

Agile Workflows in Essembi

Powerful integrations.
Flexible API library.

Powerful out of the box integrations. Plus the ability to build unlimited integrations with Essembi's API library.

Third party integrations and tools in Essembi Third party integrations and tools in Essembi
Security + Stability

Scale securely.

Secure data storage. Advanced encryption techniques to secure your sensitive data.
Geo-redundant data retention. Maximize system uptime with failover options.
Single-sign on (SSO). Use Google or Microsoft SSO for simple user management.
Multi-factor authentication (MFA). Utilize MFA for an additional layer of security.
Modern tech stack. Boost performance and scalability with Essembi's modern platform.
Rule and role based access control. Easily setup and maintain security controls.