Workspaces and Views


In Essembi, workspaces are the containers that hold multiple views and manage security access to certain data elements for a business. They are typically organized by team but can be organized in other ways based on the business case.

Each workspace is shown within the left-hand menu with a corresponding icon.

Managing Workspaces

There are two ways to manage workspaces in Essembi:

  1. Users with access to Essembi settings can manage workspaces by selecting Settings > Workspaces. Here you can view all the workspaces within your app and launch them to modify them. Users can also re-active inactive workspaces as needed.
  2. Once on a workspace, you can select the "Edit Workspace" option to update the settings.

Workspace Settings

  • Workspace Name: Sets the workspace name that will show up in the menu and in the workspace title.
  • Icon: Controls the icon that will show in the left-hand system menu.
  • Active: Controls whether or not the workspace is active in the system. Inactivated workspaces can be accessed via Settings > Workspaces.

Sorting Workspaces

Workspaces are shown in the menu based on the sort established in Settings > Workspaces.


In Essembi, views represent different ways of visualizing data. Each view type offers a unique perspective on the data set you want to view enables businesses, teams and users to select the view most suitable to their unique workflow.

Grid View

See the grid view help section.

Board View

See the board view help section.

Gantt View

See the gantt view help section.

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