Essembi Launches on Product Hunt

What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is a terrific community of founders, product leaders, developers and tech junkies. It is a great place to discover new products and track new releases of existing products.

Why Product Hunt?

For a bootstrapped team racing to build new features and functions, Essembi is excited to get feedback from the Product community.

How will this impact Essembi's own product roadmap?

We prioritize all new incoming product feedback directly in - drumroll please - Essembi.

Just as we encourage our customers to do, we document each incoming piece of product feedback as an "idea" in Esembi. Then, we prioritize each idea based on the user impact, maintainability of the product and ability for us to use that feature to sell the product.

This helps us build the product roadmap. Our team cranks through development tasks on the product roadmap daily with new releases coming weekly. This speed helps us get new features in the hands of customers quickly.

It is all part of the process of keeping our innovation cycle FAST.

Check out the Product Hunt launch listing...

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