System Tools


The home menu is the default launching point for any application in Essembi. It can also be accessed by selecting the home button from the menu.


Easily view any open tasks for the user that are due within the next week. The sections shows any record that meets the following criteria:

  • Records that are assigned to the current user. This is where the primary table's "Use as record's assigned to user" field is set to the current user.
  • Have a due date within the next week. This is where the primary table's "Use as record's due date" field is set.


Shows any notification from the current user. To learn more about notifications, see the notification help section.


The favorites menu can be launched by selecting the favorites icon in the main main menu. The favorites menu is an easy way to launch two different types of records:

  1. Favorited forms, views or pages. Any of these record types can be favorited by selecting the star icon in the breadcrumb for the view.
  2. Watched records. Watched records trigger notifications in the system and can be viewed and modified directly through this menu option.


Essembi has a standard string search and an AI powered search that are both accessed via the search option at the top of the form. To learn more, see the search help section.


See the filtering help section

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