Release Notes (December 11, 2023)

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We dropped a new release! Here are some key new features to check out:

  • Quick Search: We added a quick, universal search feature to pair with our AI report generator. Users can now search for any string and the search feature will return any record in the the system that contains that string.

  • Chat Help: Got questions on a particular feature? Need help with a specific workflow? Connect with the Essembi team at any time by selecting the chat icon in the bottom right.

  • Rating Field: A new field that enables users to assign 1 to 5 stars to a particular record. Useful for rating new feature ideas, completing retrospectives or evaluating the quality of a particular ticket.

  • Next / Previous Record Navigation on Kanban Boards: Small but useful feature!

We love hearing feedback from our customers to help us speed up our own software innovation cycle!

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