Essembi Comes Out of Stealth Mode with Trailblazing AI-Powered Platform for Software Companies

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September 26, 2023 - Essembi emerged from stealth mode today with a simple mission: to help software companies "Accelerate Their Product Roadmap". In pursuit of this mission, Essembi introduced a cutting-edge platform that addresses a significant challenge in the software industry - the data silos that hinder collaboration and slow down iteration time in the software development lifecycle.

Born from Industry Experience

With a wealth of experience in managing and scaling a rapidly expanding software company, long term colleagues and Essembi co-founders Sheridan Bulger and Scott Deakins have acquired unique insights into the key elements of building, supporting, and selling software.

"The idea for Essembi was born from our extensive experience managing the complexities of building and supporting software products," says Co-Founder and CEO Sheridan Bulger. "Too often, software companies resort to juggling multiple systems to manage their software lifecycle, inadvertently creating data silos that act as roadblocks to product and business growth. When customer support, product management, development, quality, sales, and marketing seamlessly collaborate on a single platform, everyone wins - customers get features faster, the product grows faster, and the business scales faster."

AI Innovation

Essembi also boasts native AI features, including cutting-edge natural language search and generative AI capabilities.

Co-Founder and President Scott Deakins emphasizes, "Essembi's single-system approach inherently simplifies AI by eliminating the need to piece together disparate data sets from multiple systems to pass to AI engines. The platform's natural language search empowers leaders with real-time answers, eliminating the need for complex reporting tools or reliance on others to fetch data."

Essembi's native generative AI tools can draft long form content such as quality test scripts, release notes, and feature blog posts, all drawn from data stored within the platform. That's just the beginning, though. Essembi is also massively extensible, with the ability for users to customize their environments to fit their business needs. Essembi's native AI tools automatically apply to any customizations, such as new user defined fields, tables, boards, and Gantt charts, without any additional effort.

Join the Evolution

Essembi extends an invitation to forward-thinking individuals to join the software evolution by signing up for Essembi's waitlist. Users who join during the waitlist period will be encouraged to share feedback and ideas to help shape Essembi's bright future.

After signing up for the waitlist, users can anticipate an invitation to exclusive access to the platform. Essembi is set to be available for all users in early 2024.

About Essembi

Essembi is a trailblazing platform tailored to software companies, providing a single system for seamless software creation, support, and marketing. By dismantling data silos and harnessing AI capabilities, Essembi speeds up software iteration time and boosts team collaboration, helping companies make great software.

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