Q2 Roadmap Update

Essembi is hard at work in the development lab building out new features that align with our 2024 roadmap. Here is an update on what we have completed so far and what is coming up for our user base.

Major Initiatives Completed So Far

  • Editing Data Through Sheets: Users can now update data directly on the sheet view itself rather than drilling into the editing form. This streamlines the way users can update summaries, statuses, dates, owners, categories or any meta data associated with a record.
  • Microsoft Teams Integration: With the new Microsoft Teams integration, Essembi users can create tickets directly from a Teams chat or channel. Once the ticket is created, the details can also be shared directly through the Teams thread with a clickable link for easy access.
  • Updated Menu Structure: Essembi's menu overhaul prioritizes simplicity and efficiency, streamlining navigation for all users. With a new organization structure for workspaces and views plus a simple way to enter data, users can expect fewer clicks to navigate Essembi.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Security Option: Essembi now offers SSO login options for Microsoft and Google users. Using SSO enables system admins to manage user access security in a single location and provides added security through mechanisms such as multi-factor authentication.
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Tracking: Essembi's OKR tracking gives business leaders and project managers a powerful set of tools to set the high-level direction for the business and product. By providing a centralized platform for setting goals with those goals linked to the actual work that is being completed by the team, Essembi gives leaders and team members clear visibility into the objectives and results of the business.
  • Consolidated Filter Drop Down on Each View: Essembi consolidated the object used for filtering in a single drop down window for easy access and management.

Our Current Sprint

Essembi's 2024 S5 sprint focused on sheet view improvements

Essembi uses Essembi to power its own software lifecycle (#dogfood). Here is a live look at our current sprint. We captured an image of a whiteboard session where we laid out some sheet view changes and all the tickets linked directly to the sprint.

The development squad is currently focused on some major sheet view initiatives in this sprint:

  • Enabling users to add new records directly via the sheet
  • Changing column width and re-arranging columns directly through the sheet rather than the "Edit View" option
  • Ability to add a column to a sheet with a simple "Add" option on the sheet view
  • Sub-total on sheet views
  • Group by reference fields on sheet views
  • Set views to be based on tables in addition to data models
  • Enhanced drop down UI / UX

Other Upcoming Roadmap Initiatives

Our upcoming roadmap initiatives are set based on current business priorities and user feedback. We are constantly evaluating the roadmap and adapting it based on recent feedback and changes in our competitive landscape.

  • Customer Portal: Essembi's customer portal will enable customers to directly log and view product ideas to drive a tighter product feedback loop.
  • Toggling Time Horizon in Home: Users will be able to select what time horizon is used to generate the work shown on home with the options such as this week, next week, this month, and more.
  • Ability to Send @ Messages in Long-Text Fields: This will be a major addition to Essembi's chat functionality with the ability to mention key users in long-text notes so that the user gets notified via Essembi.
  • Enhanced Record Input on Mobile Devices: New mobile data entry capabilities to help teams work wherever they may be.
  • New Notebook View: A notebook view to enable users or teams to document key processes, meeting notes, and more directly in Essembi where the data might not be tied directly to a record (for example, today you can tie retrospective notes and details directly to a sprint in Essembi).
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